Thank you for visiting my page. I hope my images showcase the deep love I have for my home and native land. Canadian born and raised, I have spent my life in the True North, apart from my travels, which have taken me across the globe to significant and exotic places. Wherever I travel, I bring with me a tool which allows me to share with you unique perspectives of the landscape and the creatures I encounter. My favourite places and animals are without a doubt those I have been fortunate enough to capture in the glorious, free and wild land that is Canada.

Areas of specialization

I am always open to a challenge, especially if it means learning a new style or technique of photography. My personal philosophy is that specializing into only one area creates a photographer that is not well-rounded. By learning all different styles and techniques of photography, one acquires a collection of transferrable skills. These come in handy when a photographer is forced to improvise, resulting in a shoot that is more fun and educational. If I had to label my photographic specialties, they would be landscape, wildlife, event, portrait and documentary.


David Suzuki Foundation

Photographers Without Borders

Ontario Nature